The Lights Of Home

I wrote this a long time ago, in the middle of the night on a Greyhound bus on my way back to Calgary for my days off while I worked as a disc jockey in a small town.


To look way up high
At the clouds in the distance
Afloat upon the midnight sky
And see the lights Of the city,
Stretching from so far and wide,
Is a burning taste so sweet:
Filling me with a joy I cannot hide.

A sight so full of beauty, tis the prettiest I know —
A promise of reacquaintance:
Lasting friendships amongst the glow.
A chance to be together again with family and friends —
All the dear ones I love most.
That tingle of excitement never ends.

For it is not just the promise of things soon to be,
Yet so much more than rekindled memory:
More than just a simple guarantee
Of the best times yet to come
And the everlasting dreams
Of events said and done.

It is a love affair I look upon
When I see that horizon’s glow:
A midnight sky prettier than the sun
Stretching further than sunsets go.
No matter where I roam, I feel no fear
For I know I am returning
The moment I see the lights of home.


This poem won me an Editor’s Choice award!

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