Western Separation: No Idle Threat

The feeling is real. The sentiment is not an empty threat with the ultimate goal being getting our way. Western exclusion has been felt before, ironically with a Trudeau in power as Prime Minister.

Alberta’s Premier at the time was Peter Lougheed, a great Albertan who did not mince words, did not shirk, and did not offer empty platitudes to fellow Albertans. Premier Lougheed knew to dig his heels in, and he stood up to the pompous, arrogant, silk-skin handed Pierre Trudeau without blinking. The catch-phrase that gained traction: “Let them freeze in the dark” referenced the East and Trudeau Sr.’s appeasement of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. By 1981, almost half of all Albertans were in favor of separation.

By the end of 1983 Trudeau Sr. had decided to retire. This turned the sitting government over into the hands of John Turner in 1984 who had next to zero charisma and zero chance at being elected. Turner was defeated by the Mulroney Conservatives who scrapped the National Energy Program which led to renewed prosperity and development in Alberta and by extension, Canada.

Canada enjoyed almost 30 years of peace and prosperity after the disaster that was Pierre Trudeau. Now, this nation is again suffering thanks to an elitist snob who has no clue how to properly manage his own work schedule, never mind an entire country: The son of Pierre, Justin Trudeau.

This man promised to shut down Alberta’s economy by killing pipelines if elected Prime Minister. Once in office, the Liberals immediately spent $4.5 billion on the Trans Mountain pipeline. Canada could have reaped the rewards of this pipeline for free, however at this point, it seems obvious to many that this purchase was made in order to ensure it never gets built. Add to this the introduction of Bill C-69 and the Federal government is effectively killing what is arguably the world’s most ethical oil production.

Justin must hate Alberta. How can this conclusion not be drawn, based on interviews he has given in the past? He has stated that when Alberta drives the economy, it doesn’t work for the rest of Canada. Really? As of 2017, Alberta’s GDP per capita was $78,100 (Source: Government of Canada, Statistics.), which put the province at the top of the “have” provinces. In 2019, Quebec will receive over $13 billion in equalization payments (Source: Finance Canada), thanks to the Liberal government’s recent allocation of an extra $1.3 billion to that province. These are not typo’s…. That is Billion, with a “B“.

Trudeau has also stated that the best leaders have always come out of Quebec, that Canada belongs to Quebec. This level of arrogance is simply disgusting. never mind insulting to the rest of this country. It’s sad that there are some Quebecers, including politicians, who actually think that Quebec’s income tax payments drive the Canadian economy. The truth is far different: When Alberta does well, Canada does well. We are the engine that drives the Canadian economy. That is an arrogant statement in and of itself. However in this context, it’s self-defense as well as correcting misperceptions.

Recently Trudeau has stated publicly that Western separation is coming from provincial politicians stirring the pot. Mr. Prime Minister, the truth is this talk of separation is coming from grassroots Westerners who are fed up with your mismanagement of this country, your mistreatment of the West and Westerners, and your preferential treatment of your home province over and above not just Alberta and Saskatchewan but every single other province in Confederation. The talk is real, and it will not go away until you do.

When we had to deal with your father, our mantra was “The West Wants In”. Now, with you, the mantra is becoming “The West Wants Out”. I leave you with this image from the man who once had Alberta on the right track. This feeling is spreading:

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