Defending The Yellow Vest Protests


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a leftist Liberal who uses the ID ‏ @MrDash109 who tweeted out the following:

“Proudly uneducated Alberta Reform Party yellow vest bigots have taken white nationalism to the forefront of their butt-ugly politics. Albertan White Nationalists embarrass Canada and will be a lasting ugly poop stain on this country for a very long time. #cdnpoli #abpoli”  (

You collective bunch of idiots agreeing and replying to this Twitter post are the real uneducated ones. Firstly, the fringe group Reform Party of Alberta has absolutely nothing to do with any national Yellow Vest protests, other than possibly support. We Albertans are NOT collective White Nationalists, nor Islamophobes. We’re against your precious federal government destroying our economy and demanding we STILL pay more than any other province in transfer fees (net: zero transfer fees go to us, while Quebec sees $13.5 BILLION this year alone).


We’re against ILLEGAL border crossings. If you want to come to Canada, do it the RIGHT way! NONE of us in Alberta care WHAT colour or nationality you are as long as you’ve been vetted. This means criminal and health checks! Unvetted entry into Canada allows thieves, murderers, and rapists to cross into Canada unchecked. It’s happened already. Canadians have been raped and killed by unvetted immigrants already just this past year. How many of you know the story of Marissa Shen? I would assume most. She was the 13 year old girl “allegedly” murdered by Ibrahim Ali, a Syrian immigrant who had been living in Burnaby for 17 months. Can’t blame Harper on that, which is ironic since Justin Trudeau has already done so. In a video released out into the wild in December, he actually responded to a heckler, by saying (incorrectly) that the recent threat of ISIS fighters and terrorists entering Canada was enabled under the Harper government.

Unchecked illegal immigration allows infectious diseases to make a comeback. None of you ever think of that. In some metropolitan regions of Canada, immigrants represent the majority of the patient population. Certain migrant populations experience a higher risk of infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes and heart disease all of which has clinical implications for those providing care to migrant communities. This is a real stat gleaned from The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). At the minimum, this means an added burden on Canada’s health care system.
As for Islamophobia, that is a fake construct! Islam is a religion not a race, yet we are being forced to treat Islam as an actual Nation, thanks to M-103. Muslims have come to Canada to escape the extremist idealism that is now threatening to creep into our society, our culture. I know several who are worried because of what has been coming in: Example is the Islamic Party of Ontario. Their platform? Abortions would be banned. They’d ban homosexuality, alcohol, gambling, enforce the hijab, and force you to convert to Islam or be killed. And those of you who are pro-choice could FORGET totally about THAT idea. Members of the LGBTQ community would all be under the threat of death. So would Jews. The party is anti-gay and anti-Semitic.

IF you think they’ll never get support you’re wrong, and this goes back to unvetted, illegal immigration! Extremists will come and pretend to assimilate, yet support this party, and the next thing you know, they will have seats in the Ontario Legislature. The fact that they’ll be collectively guilty of hate crimes would be totally irrelevant because more and more each day, “Islamism” is being given special privileges and gaining special exemption status. Why?

You elitist pricks really need to wake the hell up and pay attention to what is being protested, not just in Alberta: The yellow vest protests are happening across this country. The protests are being staged against the erosion of our fundamental rights and freedoms, jobs and income, even for you Left-leaning supporters.

Canada has the most ethical and cleanly produced oil in the world, yet the current government would rather pay for “blood oil” while crippling our economy and still taking our hard-earned money. At the same time, Alberta has been more than crippled. Alberta has no government at the moment that will fight back against the disaster the Liberal government has created and continues to increase. The Alberta NDP has been complicit in buggering the Western economy and killing hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Liberals did not waste over $4.5 billion dollars of taxpayer money in order to get a pipeline built. It was done in order to keep it from being built. Bill C-69 – as long as there is a federal Liberal government – is a permanent injunction against any future oil pipelines in this country. Trudeau is on record talking about doing what he can to phase out Canadian oil production, and enough voters were conned into believing that this was actually a good idea.

The Yellow Vest protests have nothing to do with “White Supremacy”, “dirty oil”, Islamophobia, or non-Whites entering this country. The protests are all about restoring intelligence and more important, sanity to Canada and putting a stop to it’s destructioni by the Federal Liberal party.

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