Pull The Equalization Referendum Trigger Now!

This blog isn’t anti-Kenney. I love Jason Kenney. I supported him in the election. But he is coming across like he wants to hold a referendum on equalization over the heads of the federal government in order to receive favors.

I don’t want favors. I want to stop giving Quebec our money and withdraw from CPP as well. Forget the threat of all this. Pull the trigger now, take back our money and see how much pain the East feels over that. Absolutely minor compared to ours currently.
Ontario’s auto collapse and Maritimes’ fishing collapse weren’t imposed by their federal government. The West’s pain is. Its not just the Liberals being re-elected as the reason we want sovereignty: We lived through Jean Chretien and John Turner just fine. Its misrepresented ideology, fraud, the FACT Justin thinks the rest of Canada is Quebec’s bitch, Quebec posting a $1.4B surplus ONLY BECAUSE of their $13B transfer payments, and a whole host of other great reasons.

Certain Canadians seem fine with Communist-leaning Socialism. Westerners aren’t. Our veterans did not defend against evil just to let it claim this land like it is slowly doing. We see this.

The East sees us and decides like a jealous sibling to do the exact opposite out of spite, and not because the exact opposite is actually better. Alberta has been forever the most prosperous province in Canada per capita, and others are hell-bent on taking that away from us.

We’ve never asked for that hand-out and we don’t want that hand-out. We work our asses off and we play hard afterwards because we EARNED it! If you want what I got, my parents taught me to go get your own! Get your hands off mine!

Back to the sibling analogy: little brother always wears hand-me-downs. To make up for it, he gets a shiny new toy. Older brother will do everything he can to take it away. Failing that, he will then break it. I speak as the youngest boy of eight children. Mom and Dad loved us all equally, but like every parent, some of us were liked more than others at times. right now, we aren’t liked that much because we are calling that spade a spade and saying enough is enough.

Calling us rednecks, spoiled, ungrateful only stokes the fires of separation that have simmered since Trudeau Sr. The more you belittle us, the more resolved we become. It is just our way. Tell us we can’t do something, and we will move Heaven and Earth to prove we can.

The threat of separation is more real out here now than it ever has been. It isn’t being used as a threat to get our way. We’re not saying “Do what we want or else…”. We are saying we’re fed up with Eastern favoritism at our expense. Fair is fair and we want fair. What we have now is not.

We may be among the lowest-taxed Canadians, but that’s your problem, not ours’. Despite some serious mis-steps financially, we’ve had provincial governments who knew how to spend – and not spend – our tax dollars better than the rest of the country. Want to take advantage of that? Vote for better more fiscally responsible politicians!

We see Trudeau break laws to help Quebec companies when 4,500 jobs are threatened, then experience his total lack of response when we lose well over 100,000 jobs and see a drastic increase in the suicide rate in the West and you wonder why we’re angry? The federal government is killing the goose while it still demands the golden eggs. This cannot stand up much longer.


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