No Conservative Bigot Here

Some bigots lean Conservative. Conservatives are not bigots. Yes, we have all noticed that there are bigots (I have issues with the terms “race” and “racism”) who subscribe to the Conservative political viewpoint. These particular individuals – in fact anyone and everyone who shows any kind of intolerance – do need to be educated on their misconceptions.

Conservatives believe in individual liberty, lower taxes, and limited government. These values are not inherently bigoted and do not promote discrimination or prejudice against any particular group. In fact, many conservatives believe that all individuals should be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnicity.

It’s long past time to recognize that there are also bigots who subscribe to the socialist side of the political fence as well. There is one thing I have noticed between the two: “Progressive” bigots are more subtle, more apt to hide their bias, while bigots of the Conservative bent are more open with these incorrect beliefs.

It is important to recognize that individuals of all political ideologies can hold bigoted beliefs. Bigotry is not limited to one political party or group. It is a societal issue that affects all of us and must be actively combated by everyone, regardless of their political beliefs. It is also important to recognize that not all Conservatives hold the same beliefs. Just as there is diversity within the UCP and the broader conservative movement (for example), there is also a wide range of viewpoints within the NDP. Some Conservatives may hold more traditional or conservative views on certain social issues, while others may hold more progressive views.

It is unfair to lump all conservatives together and label them as bigots. This stereotype not only does a disservice to the many conservatives who actively fight against bigotry and discrimination, but it also hinders efforts to have meaningful conversations and dialogue about important issues.

In order to truly combat bigotry and promote equality, it is important that we work together and have respectful, open-minded discussions about these issues. We should not allow stereotypes and false narratives to divide us or hinder progress.

The idea that conservatives are inherently bigoted is a harmful and baseless stereotype. It is important to recognize that bigotry is a societal issue that affects us all and must be actively combated by individuals of all political ideologies. We should work together and have respectful, open-minded discussions about important issues in order to promote equality and combat discrimination.[paypal_donation_button]

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